Sapphire Gates manufacture high qaulity manual gates based on your requirements. We have a wide range of gates which can be created just for you. All of our gates are made to high standards using materials such as steel, iron and wood based on customer specifications. We can manufacture custom designs based on ornamental gates or if preffred bow top gates. There are a number of types of gates that can be manufactured from our factory.
  • Double Leaf Gates
  • Single Leaf Gates
  • Bow Top Gates
  • Ornamental Gates
  • Alley Gates
  • Garden Gates
  • Driveway Gates
  • Commercial Gates
Whether you have a small home and want something which looks nice or you have a commercial propoerty and want tougth securing Sapphire Gates can provide the solution. To contact us just call 0121 554 0988 or use our instant contact form and we will call you back.

Alley Gates

Alley Gates are designed to secure your property or surrounding area from any possible anti-social behaviuor or potential crime and put extra security in place. Of course if you wish you can further reienforce the security by selecting our High Security fencing options to complement you Alley Gates. You can view some of our samples in the gallery section of the website.

Alley Gates ensure the secrity of alleyways is maintained and is a recognised form of crime prevention. Alley Gates aim to reduce the opportunity to commit crimes ranging from domestic burglary and criminal damage through to drug abuse, littering and fly tipping. Alley-gating can have a positive impact in terms of reducing anti-social behaviour, by ensuring there are no secluded environments for these types of crimes to be conducted in.

The purpose of an alley-gate is to control access to vulnerable areas, these are usually paths or alleys at the rear and to the sides of houses. If the gate is to be locked manually with a key therefore restricting access to unautorised people and improving on security and safety of the local community or your residence. The Alley Gate also acts a visual deterent and can be made to your specications ensuring you always get a gate which looks and performs the way it should.