Sapphire Gates High Security Fencing provides integrated perimeter security for a wide variety of applications. If high security fencing is the only option you have then our specialist products are designed to provide the highest level of protection possible.
Aluminium Gates
Our range of high security fencing will allow you to have piece of mind and provide maximum protection against intruders, all of our products are made in our Birmingham factory based in the West Midlands. All of our high security fencing systems have thier own unique attributes allowing you to select the correct security fencing system for you. This can be based on hight, material and type of security, so there are no limits to what you can have. We provide security fencing for both commercial and residential applications.
High security fencing not only deters potential criminals but also prevents access, such as builders yards, your own garden if it street facing, the applications for high security fencing are endless. To ensure we meet demands for new esculating threats we always manufacture security fencing to high standards. Our security fencing is build to last and withstand high levels of threats and ensure you or your business is safe from high levels of collateral damage.